Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Working out with Pippin

I guess I shouldn't complain too much about the heat here. This morning they mentioned on Good Morning America that the temp in Las Vegas yesterday was 115 degrees! They had a guy out there with a thermometer and at 4 am their time it was already 90 degrees. They had sent the same guy to Death Valley the day before and it was 130 degrees. That's a job I could handle, it's much easier than being the guy they send into all the hurricanes and blizzards.

Tonight I had an abbreviated workout. Brent's dad is in town for a conference so he took us out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. I did a 40-minute workout on the elliptical tonight. This time of year I hate when I have to work-out inside vs a nice evening run. I usually give Pippin some sort of toy to chew on while I work out and tonight I filled his treat ball with some treats. It's a little ball within a ball that has some slots in it, so if he pushes it around the right way then he can knock the treats out. He was pushing it around upstairs (coming dangerously close to my flying feet on the elliptical) when he accidentally knocked it down the stairs. He quickly saw what a GREAT idea that was so for the rest of my 40 minutes he'd knock it down the stairs, run down and grab any treats that fell out, and start the process again. Needless to say it was a nervewracking workout for me and I had to crank the TV.

Brent and I are trying to find a cabin for the weekend. We just need to get away for a few! Of course I have to make it difficult because I really want to stay somewhere cute with a hot tub (which makes no sense since it's about 100 degrees every day this week). I just can't find anything with a 2-3 hr drive, all the good stuff is about 4 hrs away. Oh well, we'll see!

See ya!


Exercise: 1 mile am walk with Pippin + the neighbor and her dog Abby
40 minutes on the elliptical


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