Friday, July 15, 2005

Harry Potter Madness

Well, we survived the launch of Harry Potter 6! This has been a really long week, and I have to admit I wasn't as pumped as usual about attending the midnight premiere of HP6. We had a big forecast due today (yesterday actually) at work so a lot of overtime happened this week, which threw off my workout/training schedule, healthy eating schedule, and basically everything else in life!! (Seriously, I've got to win Powerball so work no longer interferes with my social life!!) So, I'm tired and cranky to begin with, and it's been raining ALL week so my hair is frizzy and I'm getting it cut Monday night so it's longer and bushier than it needs to be to begin with! Throw all that in with hundreds of dorky kids and the HP6 party was almost enough to give me a nervous breakdown. The staff at BAMM was freaking and one guy did have a mini-breakdown as they were trying to put the line together. But, we got our book and I only yelled at one kid so everything worked out well. I haven't heard a lot of PR about this one, but hopefully it will be as good as the others. It's not as long as the last one and that's not a bad thing. I haven't read much lately, I've been trying to catch up on all my magazines.

So, due to the crazy amount of extra hours at work I don't have a lot to report in the way of workouts this week. The rain even threw off mine and Pippin's 5:45 am walks several days this week. Next week life will return to normal and I'm going to pick a late fall half marathon for Brent and I to compete in, so I'll have something to count down to!

Cya later!


Tues: 1 mile walk with Pip
Wed: No exercise
Thurs: 1 mile walk with Pip, 40 minutes elliptical & some ab work
Fri: 1 mile walk with Pip (2/3 of which was in the rain, and we jogged the last lap!!)


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