Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy 5th!

Hey! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Our internet wasn't working right Thurs night so I didn't get to do my daily post. For the weekend we went to my parent's new house out in BFE. I grew up IN memphis so I'm a total urbanite. I like options. I can't even fathom growing up in a place so tiny you can count the stoplights and remember when each one was added, or remember how excited you were when you got "the four-lane". So, about 2 months ago my parents moved from Memphis to a TINY town near Jackson. The graduating senior class of this fantastic community was a whopping 21 this past year. Seriously. Anyway, we had a good time and had a big cook-out and a lot of family down. Pippin took his first two swims in their pond. I'm not sure what possessed him to jump in, and I don't think he knows either! He looked scared and frightened considering it's quite a bit deeper than his wading pool! Anyway, he made it back safely although he did smell a lot like fish.

Tonight Brent ran his first 5-miler! We meant to run 4, but I don't have a plan for 4, I usually do 3 or 5, so I accidentally told him a path that ended up at 4.5 so when he came around the curve Pippin and I joined him to make it an even 5. The first 5-er is a major accomplishment. Once you hit 5 you can do anything.

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting finale of Dancing with the Stars!!


Exercise: Thurs: 3 1-mile sprints at the hospital, 6 AM-1 mile walk with Pip
Fri: none
Sat: no formal exercise but lots of outdoor walking and some family racing!
Sun: 2 mile walk with Brent & Pip
Mon: Yard work, activities around the house
Tues: 6 AM-1 mile walk with Pip & Becky Abernathy & her lab Abby (Pippin's girlfriend) & 5 mile evening run