Friday, June 17, 2005

No sleep for the Superhero

Ok, if you really are reading my blog you know that I saw Batman Begins on Thursday. Afterwards, we were joking about how scary the movie was and how we would all have bad dreams that night. If only I had known..... I'm just going to warn you, Batman Begins should come with some sort of surgeon's warning about bad nightmares following viewing! Both Brent and I only got a couple of hours of sleep last night due to some wicked nightmares. Mine involved a reality show where you had to find the right head to match against its decapitated body. Really bizarre.

Tonight we went out to an Indian restaurant here in Nashville called Shalimar. Indian food is awesome, I don't understand why some people won't even try it. It's just chicken in a hot sauce.


M&M's: 8
Krispy Kreme doughnuts: 2, and they were WORTH it
Exercise: 0 (come on, it's Friday!)


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