Thursday, July 07, 2005

Brent's a winner

Well, the first season of Dancing with the Stars has come to an exciting end. Brent and I placed a wager on who would win, his little tart Kelly or the sophisticated John. Unfortunately Kelly won, so I owe him an evening of relaxation. Oh well, I still think Joey and Ashlee were robbed.

Tonight we went to an informational session for Train to End Stroke. You raise money for the American Stroke Association and they train you and pay for your transportation to the marathon. I'd like to do Orlando in January, and was thinking about doing so through one of these organizations. However, you have to raise a LOT of money, and it would be pretty tough for Brent and I to do so for both of us. I may check out a couple of other organizations and see what their fundraising requirements are. Also, this coach is going to use the Gallaway method, which I'm not too fond of.

Well, enough for today!

Tues (post-blog): 20 mins toning w/Karen Voight
Wed: 1 mile AM walk with Pippin + 3 mile run, 30 minutes Burn & Firm Pilates
Thurs: 1 mile AM walk with Pippin + 30 minutes Killer Butt


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