Sunday, July 10, 2005

Blizzard's a Coming

Well, another weekend is almost over so here we go again. Isn't there a song about living for the weekend or something? It's been nice, we spend most of our time relaxing here at home which was nice after the hectic/chaotic weekend with the fam last weekend.

We watched a couple of movies this weekend -In Good Company & Harold & Kumar go to White Castle. Both were really good. IGC is the one where the 26 yr old becomes one of the Quaid guys' boss. It was really cute and actually not as predictable as you would imagine. HK GT WC was actually really funny. Goofy, no doubt, but it was pretty funny. It's worth a rental and if you don't LOL a few times your heart is made of concrete and you should only stick with Oscar nominated movies.

We also ate at Shoney's Friday night. Big mistake. Don't pay attention to all those ads about how they have changed. They have NOT changed. It's still gross. Stay away!!!

In exercise news, Brent and I went for an early evening run tonight before the remnants of Hurricane Dennis arrive. It is so flippin hot in TN. How can it still be 90 degrees after 5 pm?? It was crazy. I wasn't sure if I was going to vomit or just die from a heat stroke. My legs felt great, the heat was the only problem.

Well, I'd better get prepared for another week of work!!


Fri - 1 mile walk with Pippin
Sun - 5 mile run, 25 minutes strength training (Arms, Abs, Stretch) with Karen Voight


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