Saturday, July 16, 2005

6 down, 20.2 to go

Happy Saturday! Even though we were up late last night for the HP madness I woke up ready to roll at 7 am. Go figure! But since I was ready to wake up I thought we might as well take advantage of the situation and do some garage sale-ing. Naturally, the one Sat we're up before 10 there are only a few yard sales going on in the 'hood. Ppl were probably nervous about having one due to all the crappy rain we've had ALL week. I didn't buy anything, and nothing even tempted me. Brent ended up with a little scale for .50 and a towing ball thing for his Jeep ($3). The weirdest thing for sale was an Indian peace pipe for $50.

After we shopped we decided to go for a long run. The one good thing about this terrible weather is that it has been fairly overcast so that makes runs a little cooler and there's usually some sort of wind. I went out for a 6 mile run and Brent had a 5 mile run. I had a pretty good run, it was still pretty hot and humid, but I pushed myself the first 3 miles, then backed off a little for 4&5 and pushed again during mile 6. Brent did great as well! I love my new Mizuno's, they are so much better than the Nike Shox Dendrea's I bought after the Country Music Marathon. The Dendrea's immediately gave me shin splints and hurt my knees and ankles. The Mizuno's are awesome, and all my blisters and callouses that I thought were normal (caused by running hundreds of miles in Nike Shox 2:45s) are starting to go away.

The rest of today we did some shopping at the mall and some other errands and things around town. Tomorrow is the company picnic at the local waterpark so most of today was spent going through the last remaining swimsuits in the department stores. I finally found one at the LAST store in the mall!

Cya tomorrow!


Exercise: 6 mile am run, 1/3 mile walk with Pippin, HOURS of shopping!!


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