Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's too hot to run in the South

Good evening everyone! The weather here in TN has been crazy as a result of all the hurricanes down in the gulf. We went about 4 weeks with little to no rain & the grass was all dead. The past week and a half we've had torrential rains at some point during every day. All that has resulted in some horrid humidity. I ran around 8 oclock tonight and I bet I lost about 4 pounds in sheer sweat. It's so tough to stay motivated mentally when it's so hot and humid. At least the path I take usually has several other walkers, runners, and bikers on it and that gives me a focal point to follow. Tonight I saw more deer! They were running across the street in front of some traffic. When I looped back they were about to make run back across the street and we had a bit of a stare off until they decided to run back into the woods. I have no idea why, but I must be the only American scared of deer. I think it must be the horns. I know they're not bulls but they still intimidate the crap out of me & I think the ones around here know it.

My new discovery of the week is green tea. Every afternoon at work I've been having a small cup of green tea flavored with mango. It's so good!!

Cya tomorrow!

Exercise: 1 mile am walk with Pippin, 4 mile evening run, 15-20 minutes abs
Music I'm really feeling on my running mp3 player:
Leader of Men - Nickelback
Movies - Alien Ant Farm
Survival of the Sickest - Saliva
Dirty Laundry - Lisa Marie Presley


At 6:34 AM, Blogger Running Chick said...

You're not alone in your suffering of heat and humidity! It's been awful in the Northeast as well...and at the moment, I am questioning why I planned a bike-run workout for after work today!?


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