Monday, July 18, 2005

On the Grid

Hey! It's another Monday around here....ugh! We did some major grocery shopping yesterday, and we try to buy only fresh, healthy, mostly organic foods. Most days I eat a little thing of yogurt with some fruit for breakfast. My favorite is the Yoplait Whips. It's a little higher in calories and fat than light yogurt, but it's worth it. Yesterday they had a new flavor at Publix - Chocolate Cherry. In theory it sounds great, but in reality it was SO gross! Maybe it should be intended for a dessert yogurt, it was a bit much for 8 am. I did buy some Ranier cherries and they are SO good!! I love summer for all the fresh produce. Our garden is finally starting to produce peppers and the tomatoes should be turning red soon. We have an okra plant out there, too, with several pods. But how do I know when it's ready? If anyone knows drop me a comment.

Finally the weather is getting back to normal and Pippin and I got back on our am walk schedule this morning. Tonight after work Brent and I went to the Ingram gym b/c I had a 7 pm hair appointment. I go to Tangerines in the 'Boro, they're the BEST! Last time we went to the Ingram gym we went around 7, which was much nicer because it was pretty deserted. Right after work you had the guys trying to impress people by lifting huge weights and then dropping them on the floor for some unknown reason. It was beyond nervewracking and it made me want to kick over the stairclimber and join their bizarre club. For dinner we had some AWESOME grilled pork chops from Publix.

That's it for today!


Exercise: 1 mile am walk with Pippin, 1 hour at the Ingram gym - 20 minutes stair climber, 40 minutes misc weights


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