Thursday, July 21, 2005

Simmer down

It was another super hot run tonight. Right now the temp is 90 and it's 9 pm. I can't wait for some nice fall weather. I did change some of the music around on my mp3 player so that gave me something to focus on besides the helicopter circling overhead and my impending heat stroke. I didn't leave until 8 tonight, and there's a storm brewing so it got dark earlier than usual. I'm always a little nervous when it's dark, so the helicopter didn't help the situation. I've got a FuelBelt that holds 4 small bottles of water and without it I would be passed out on the sidewalk somewhere! I keep one in the freezer (and it's always completely melted by the end of my run these days) and keep the others in the fridge. However, the only animal I ran into tonight was a cat and I can live with that!!

I'd better go, we have some movies to return to Blockbuster and it's starting to get late!

More tomorrow!


Exercise: 1 mile am walk with Pippin, 4 mile evening run

Latest Food Discovery: Coke Zero - I normally hate diet sodas but this stuff is good! It tastes about 99% like real Coke!!!!


At 8:04 PM, Blogger Marshall Walker said...

Hey thanks for the post! It would be cool to run into you guys sometime!


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