Monday, July 25, 2005

Hiking in Nashville

Happy Monday everybody!! I hope everyone had a great rest of the weekend and the best part is we've at least all made it through Monday. I'm SO excited about this weekend because we're headed out of town to a cabin in Northeast Georgia. It's near the Appalachian Trail, so we hope to hike part of it and also spend some time fishing, canoeing and relaxing. I can't wait!!!

Sunday afternoon we decided we'd take Pippin to the newest dog park in Nashville. It's about 20 miles from here at Edwin Warner Park. We've really enjoyed the only other dog park (at Shelby Park, also 20 miles from here) so we thought we'd give this one a go, too. Ugh!! They missed the bill with this one. It has zero shade (and it was 97 degrees!!) and they don't have a little bubbling doggie waterfountain (like Shelby Park). Just a collection of bowls ppl have brought with some stagnant water in it. Yuk. There were also only a couple of ppl there, with their VERY unfriendly pit bulls. Pippin was sitting near their owner (for the shade - he is very smart) and the dog started growling at him. So, we got out of there and decided to go one block over to Percy Warner park. I'd always heard good things about it on the local running club website, so I knew it must have something better to offer than pit bulls. It was gorgeous! There are miles and miles of forest with some really beautiful scenery. We got out and did some hiking for about 1-1/2 hrs. We didn't go that far, it was a team effort, really. The hike was a lot of up-hill and then down-hill. The down-hills bothered Brent's knee and the uphill wore Pippin out. He did great though, considering he won't walk more than 2 miles around the subdivision. He really enjoyed the woods and probably could have gone longer if it wasn't so warm. There were quite a few people running the trails so we plan to go back and do that.

Today was our day to lift weight at the gym at work. It was so nice - there was no one there for about 30 minutes except for us. Last week we went right after work and it was so packed it was miserable.

See ya tomorrow!



Sun - 1-1/2 hours hiking in 97 degree temps with Brent and Pippin
Mon - 1 mile a.m. walk with Pippin, 20 minutes stair climber, 25 minutes weights, 20 minutes Denise Austin workout-cardio, arms and abs


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