Thursday, July 28, 2005

Every good party starts with Fun'yons

Well, Pippin's life preserver, toys and travel canteen are packed along with our hiking gear, clothes, and enough food to survive in the wild for a week. Fortunately we'll only be gone the weekend so we should have more than enough to pig out and have a good time. The most treasured item packed is our bag of marshmallows. It took about 5 trips through Publix to figure out where those wacky grocery people hide the marshmallows. We found marshmallow fluff several times, but since that's a little tricky to stick on a hanger we stayed the course and ultimately found them in the candy section.

The weather turned really mild today after a storm came through. My morning walk this morning was actually chilly for a change! I eeked out 5 miles tonight, but because I needed to pack & run to the store I had to run earlier so I was still running in the direct sun and didn't get to take full advantage of the decrease in temps. It was a gorgeous sunset here tonight.

Well, I have a few last things to pack before I can jump in bed and see what Harry Potter's into tonight. Good luck to everyone competing in races and triathlons this weekend! Wish us luck in our first vacation taking with the dog!!


Exercise: 1 mile a.m. walk with Pippin, 5 mile evening run


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