Saturday, March 08, 2008

3 inches of JOY!

It didn't stop snowing until around 8 or 9 this morning, giving us our biggest snow since 2003 and around 3 or so inches in our yard, maybe more. We haven't done the measuring tape thing yet, but the news reports between 2-4 in our area so I'm sticking with a 3 average.

And it's been FUN! We played for a while at 9 last night, when it first starting accumulating. Later we had all our windows up while we were watching TV so we could enjoy the beauty when a couple of our friends went walking by a little after 11 to see if we were still up. They were so bundled up we thought they were kids from the next block until we figured out who they were! And thank goodness we weren't "nekked"!!! So, we had a snowball fight in our front yard until around midnight, much to the entertainment of passing cars. And considering in the past year we've had late parties, laid hardwood floors until 4 am, built fences until past midnight and are constantly hammering SOMETHING into the wee hours, I doubt any of our neighbors thought anything out of the norm was going on at OUR place.

The yard after the snowball fight last night & snowballs stuck to the house:

The yard this morning, pretty well filled back in: !

And then when the Pippers got me up for his ritualistic 7 am poop (#$#$@$#@!!!), even though it was well after 1 when we went to bed it was time to play in all the snow!!! All our tracks from the night before had mostly been recovered and it was time for new ones. So we all bundled up and I swear Brent wore so many layers that he probably was sweating. I had two layers on Pippin plus his scarf, making for one cute picture and a lot of cute looks. He hates the snow but loves to walk, so he put up with it. We walked to the bakery to get some fresh Drew's Brews beans (SO GOOD!!!) where Pippin provided much amusement to everyone inside, because THAT was where he wanted to be!!!! So much so, that one of the customers inside happened to be a photographer for the Tennessean, out taking pics for the paper, and he came out to snap his pic. (Have I mentioned how uber cool our neighborhood is??? This never happened in the 'burbs.) By this time Pippin was a little past pissy, so he didn't cooperate much and I have no hope that he'll be on the cover of tomorrow's paper, but you never know. I sent a few pics to the newschannels because down here they LOVE to show the locals pics on all the channels.

Since then, we've been napping, watching TV and drinking coffee. This afternoon we need to build a snowman QUICK, because the sun is way out and this won't last long. And we need to get our obligatory snow shoveling pic for Shore Turtle. 'Cuz I know it will make him smile/laugh. And prob all these pics will make you Yankees laugh because you guys NEVER post snow pics, but then again I won't be posting any 110 degree temp pics this summer, so it's all fair in the weather world.

Have fun!!! I have more pics but Blogger is being a pain in the you know what, so they'll have to appear later!!!


At 5:23 PM, Blogger chez b├ęziat said...

Great pics! We didn't get much snow here in Hermitage.

At 8:21 PM, Blogger Firefly's Running said...

Awesome pics! Pippin looks SOOOO cute!

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Dana said...

I am SO jealous that you got snow! We(here in Va) got WIND..;-)


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