Friday, March 07, 2008

Vacation - Canceled

Yup, no vacation this weekend. BLAH. All night last night they were flashing winter weather advisories here, and talking about that we will actually, really get snow today (4 inches!!!) The snow isn't expected until late afternoon, but that would affect the later flights out today. And when I got up at 4:05am the 6:00am flight had already been canceled. Not good.

I took my shower anyway, and when Brent got out of the shower at 5:00 am he checked our 8:00 am flight status. Canceled. Sigh.

And knowing about 4-6 flights after us to DFW got canned yesterday, I knew chances of us landing a spot on the 10, 12, or 2 flights would be slim to none. And once this arrives this afternoon, nothing will be leaving out of Nashville to ANYWHERE. So, I did what I figured was best and called Travelocity to see if we could just cancel the whole thing.

As part of a last minute package you're warned 500 times that nothing is refundable, transferable, or open to changes. Period. They even tell you that when you call the 1-800 number before you ever get a human. In India. But in the world of business you're taught that EVERYTHING is worth a try, and that was my goal. At least get some $$ back.

After 25 minutes on the phone with a girl in India, at 5 am this morning, we were able to get a full refund!!! At one point she told me our flight left on time yesterday (!!!!!) at which point I went nuts and told her I had pictures of our flight being canceled, and the mile long line of fellow stranded travelers ('cuz you KNOW we have pics!!) and that everything to DFW was canceled yesterday, and then she realized she had typed in the wrong date. But, she was a sweet girl and when I asked her what the weather was where she was at she warmed up and left the script for a minute. And she REALLY started to like me when I told her how much we loved Indian food and maybe we could come visit her instead. Southern charm people, southern charm. So, in the end we lost $10 on our rental car and $3 in parking, plus a day and a half of vacay because there's no way we're going to work today.

And we're thinking that when we DO get to visit Texas, we may pick some other city because this just didn't go well. For now it's back to sleep, pick Pippers up when the vet opens at 8 and enjoy the snow here, in Nashvegas. And next time maybe we'll go to Milwaukee.


At 6:02 AM, Blogger Dana said...

Sorry to hear about your nixed vacation plans but at least you were able to get a full refund!

At 6:04 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Good news on the refund...even though that sucks about the vacay! Don't give up on DFW though! Try again in a month or so, and you'll love the weather!

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Oh my, so sorry to read that you aren't going. I lived in central TX near Ft. Hood for 2.5 yrs. Hated that area but Austin/San Antonio are GREAT!

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Firefly's Running said...

Oh major bummer! At least you got your complete refund. Thank goodness!

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Just12Finish said...

Sorry to hear that Rae. Better luck next time. Susan and I will just have to sign up for a run somewhere to meet you!

At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, that is really weird. You're calling India...and telling them about the weather...and I'm IN INDIA. I am in Hyderabad, IN right now...been here since 3/1 and leaving on 3/16. If you need me to go twist some arms at Travelocity...just let Jilla (that's what they're call me) know...she's got friends in India..ha ha.

Very fun Rachel...I should've added you to my travel stories. I've been writing them since I got here.

Trust would NOT want to visit. People live in tents made of tarps and bamboo...and the pee in the broad daylight. Not kidding...very poor and very scary...machine gun guys in the street...

Have fun in the snow...let me know if you want my stories...they are long reads, but very entertaining.



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