Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not Like the Other

When some people talk, I listen. And when Shore Turtle recommends a book, I log into the Metro-Nash library system and request the book. And when I see a movie with the same title, I get super excited!! And thanks to the modern technologies we have, a few hours later they're waiting in my alphabetically reserved spot in the library.....But maybe I should pay a bit more attention.....it seems "Duel in the Sun" is a bit common....

Um, yeah. A Western and a book about Golf. Yuk. It's really not a rare thing for me to end up requesting something way off base, but going 0-2 was a bit depressing. Anyway, it was so hilarious I ended up checking them out so I could bring them home and give Brent a massive chuckle. And one of my running coworkers. And maybe you, too!!

So anyway, Snotfest '08 is still going on in our house. The weekend was mostly a bust, but we were a little productive and got the framing done for the new room and most of the drywall hung. We rarely left the house, and when we went to get more Mucinex I sort of forgot how early in the morning it was and that the pharmacy wasn't open yet at Kroger to get it. Here in the grand state of TN anything with the "pseudophedrine" in it is kept behind the counter and requires a drivers license to get since it's used in making some drug. We're still hacking things up like cats and just generally feeling icky, but better. This winter is too much. Sunday it was gorgeous (after an early morning hurricane) and 72, then cold fronts came in and it's been icy cold (low 40's) and there may be some freezing rain on the way. I skipped working out Friday because I felt so bad, but I've done light workouts yesterday and today just to keep everything moving, even though I really haven't felt like it.

Did anyone else waste 2 hours of their life Sunday night and watch Knight Rider? BLAH!! I wish I could sue and get that part of my life back, it was terrible!! My only consolation is that we weren't feeling great and needed the rest.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


At 4:51 AM, Anonymous david said...

I have a copy of Duel in the Sun if you would like to borrow it....just let me know.

At 5:11 AM, Blogger Dana said...

I loved the original but I'm glad I missed the remake. Wish I could give you those 2 hours back!

At 8:53 AM, Blogger robtherunner said...

Too funny about your Duel in the Sun episode. I guess there's still room to use the title in other genres.

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Anne said...

A spaghetti western and golf book? Talk about dueling roles.

At 6:10 AM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

I'm disappointed that I missed Knight Rider!

Let me know if you like the western and golf books. Maybe I'll check them out too.

At 7:05 AM, Blogger RedheadFangirl said...

Even as a librarian I request the wrong thing for myself (though not my patrons!). Recently I wanted the new Hairspray movie and got the Ricki Lake one!

Feel better!


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