Thursday, January 31, 2008


What's up!! I can't believe it's almost Friday again! It's been so stinking wet around here, just pouring down rain all night. Poor Pippin has to hold it all day and he hasn't even gotten a break in the rain long enough to really "take his time" in the yard. Brent was nice and took him out with an umbrella so he could at least stay a little dry while having a poo.

Lost tonight was so good! It's nice to have a fresh non-reality/game show on right now during this crap writer's strike. It sucks that 24 isn't going to come back, or that The Office doesn't have any new episodes left. Those are really the only shows we watch, and it just stinks not to have them.

Speaking of crap reality shows, America's Got Talent was here this week auditioning. Of course I had to drive past on my way to work, and prepare to see Nashville in an unflattering light. I didn't see anyone who looked like a star in the motley crew camped outside downtown. I took some pics I'll have to upload here this weekend.

Ok, so I really don't have anything interesting to say! And blame Brent for this rambling because he is DIS-tracting. Have a great weekend!


At 9:25 AM, Anonymous DREW said...

Lost was good and it's a little freaky that you mentioned these three shows.

When Kiefer Sutherland was recently released from the Glendale jail I had this feeling he was going to whip out a gun and pistol whip someone for information just for the hell of it. I was jonesin' for some Jack Bauer action.

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Anne said...

I work in an office of Lost junkies and I'd say a good hour of Friday's productivity was completely "lost" to discussing theories and observations, including the fact that Jack's dad is actually creepy Jacob.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger David said...

I hope Brent's was a good kind of DIS-tracting.


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