Monday, January 28, 2008

Can it be true??

Remember how we bought all new living room furniture back in NOVEMBER? Well, November 4th-which is practically like buying furniture in October. Tomorrow am it is supposed to FINALLY be delivered. Yeah, all the "have it before Christmas" crap that he promised us.....not so much. And we bought it from LazyBoy in Cool Springs, so I really wouldn't recommend buying anything from them if you're in the market because we've decided Lazy isn't just their name, it's their style of doing business. But, after over 12 weeks of hounding them and getting them to knock various things off my bill for their lazi-ness we will have new furniture tomorrow!!! All we remember of it is this picture, so I hope we still like it! YAY!

So, what else has been going on??? More work on the new wall going up between our living room and dining room. Brent's wrapping up the last layer of mud tonight, we had hoped to be done before the furniture, but it's not quite going to happen. Hopefully the bulk of the sanding is done. Our house is covered in quite the layer of dust these days, so it's totally pointless to dust, so I don't. One less thing to do! =)

I've been increasing my running to get back in shape for Tom King Half in March. I was doing whatever I wanted at the gym, but now I'm spending 3 of my 4 weekly lunch sessions running and my speed is coming back nicely. I still have a bit of a tender left knee and ankle, which after examining the pair of shoes I wore today - isn't related to running. I haven't had this particular pair too long, but WOW are they worn down. I don't wear my shoes evenly, my heels end up with a wicked slant due to my constant pronation. It's weird, a lot of my running aches are typically due to non-running probs like worn out work/dress shoes. And the crappy thing is we went to our fave shoe store last weekend and all I bought myself was a fab new purse because I thought I was pretty solid in the shoe category. Oh well, just an excuse for more shoe shopping!!!

Speaking of shopping, we hit up the new Le Creuset store in Green Hills last weekend. And buy "hit up" I mean we spent an absolute gob of money, but they are just FABULOUS. I got several all new cherry red pots that I would marry if I could. Last year we bought several new All Clad skillets/pots, but my arsenal was missing the great enameled cast iron Le Creuset offers. And we got an awesome new grill pan that would just make you weep if you saw it. So now between my All Clad and my Le Creuset, and our wonderful and gorgeous kitchen we are set in the cooking department for a while. (Actually a lifetime since that's their guarantee!!) I've been reading in the local gossip rags that LeAnn Rimes shops there all the time, Kelly Clarkson was over there sometime last week and Faith Hill, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have all been spotted in the shopping center but of course we didn't see anyone famous, which is pretty much how we normally roll. Of course we probably see famous country people all the time and just don't have a clue who they are.

Yesterday we went to visit Brent's grandma. She fell and broke her hip last week and is in the hospital for a while now while she rehabs. On our way out I told Brent if I were ever to design a hospital I would make it pretty. Do they have to be THAT ugly??? And plain?? Why not have wonderful thread counts and pretty blankets?? I love that pretty much all hotels have gone to nice sheets and down duvets, why can't hospitals??

On our way back to they city we got a call from Mouse, who is down in San Antonio where we're planning to visit for a little sun next month! She was in awe of all the cowboy hats/boots which just cracks us up. I really just don't even believe you don't see that stuff up north. I mean, the Naked Cowboy is in NYC, ya know??? We could blow her mind with all the cowboy paraphernalia here.

Ok, I'm pretty sure that's enough rambling for tonight. I've got to go and give Pippin a bath. We know his ass is going to be all over the new furniture once we leave tomorrow and it might as well be a clean ass.


At 7:53 PM, Blogger Just12Finish said...

Good for you. That Le Creuset stuff is awesome and cooks so well. Actually, I should say "cook" (singular) because the only thing I know how to cook is spaghetti, which I do from scratch. It's so efficient that I can set the Le Creuset on low heat and cover it and it's simmering like you wouldn't believe on the inside!

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Running Jayhawk said...

Le Creuset makes me drool and actually want to cook. Such a fabulous kitchen like yours deserves to have Le Creuset!

I can't wait to see pics of the new furniture all in place!!! :)

At 5:02 AM, Anonymous david said...

We had a similar experience with Lazy Boy in Cool Springs. They seem to over promise and under deliver.

At 6:10 AM, Blogger Dana said...

I am so jealous that you are have some Le Creuset. I heart them! And do you really need a "valid" excuse to shoe shop?!? Glad to hear you're back to running again. Be careful w/ the knee & ankle!


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