Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fitness with the Stars

A link to this article about your fitness style as related to your horoscope was in my morning fitness emails. I didn't think Brent's fit him very well but I think mine was fairly accurate:

Libra: September 24 – October 23
Because Libras need balance, you start to feel edgy and anxious when one part of life is taking over. Instead of trying to juggle too much, scale things back to ensure you have plenty of time for both work and fitness. You have the innate ability to look at a complex situation and simplify it—why not share your knowledge with a newbie at the gym who is struggling to figure out how to use the machines? Even though like to have your own way, try to be more patient the next time you’re waiting for a treadmill. Life is too short to get stressed out at the gym! You know the importance of combining strength training with cardio work, but don’t forget to shake things up a bit sometimes by trying new activities. A judo or boxing class might be just enough to kick-start your fitness to the next level.

I did take a kickboxing class a few years back and it got WAY out of hand. I was constantly throwing jabs and kicks at Brent around the house at unexpected times. Maybe I'll try some of the hip hop classes at the Y instead.


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