Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 2 in Review

Hey everyone! I hope you all had great Easter weekends! This will prob be short due to the sleeping baby on my chest and I'm not so great typing with one hand!

Here's how Week 2 (last week) went:

Sunday: Killer Butt DVD (45 minutes)
Mon: 4.5 miles
Tues: 4.25 miles, Perf Abs (17 mins)
Wed: 4.25 miles, Perf Abs (17 mins)
Thurs: 4.25 miles, Aft stroll w/ friend + Lilli (prob a mile)
Fri: 3.25 miles
Sat: No formal, but we walked several miles at Opryland Hotel

Total run: 20.5 miles versus goal of 20 miles!

So once again I hit my goal and am back to my usual mileage (when I'm not training for anything!). I'm still focusing on getting back into shape and for right now am not adding a long run in. I wish I had had more time to tone, but it can be really tough to motivate myself to do that late in the evening when I'm tired from wrangling Lilli all day! It can also be tough to motivate myself to run first thing in the morning, but I'm just focusing on the weight loss and I know it will be worth all the hard work! I'm down to just 8 more pounds to go, so I'm getting there!!!!! I've got 2.5 more weeks off, and then it's back to work! It will be so great to see all my lunchtime workout buddies again!

Take care!!!