Sunday, November 09, 2008

Chili Time!

Hey everyone! I can't believe the weekend is already escaping us! It's been an insanely fast and busy one around here, and we've hardly gotten anything knocked off our to-do list.

We had a ton of errands to run Friday night, one of them being getting me some winter maternity clothes (aka sweaters). I'd been hoping for loads of global warming (temporary, of course) but with just under 12 weeks to go, there's no way I could escape without buying a few sweaters. I've been lucky getting a lot of markdowns on summer stuff, and we did go to the Motherhood outlet so I was able to get a couple of things on discount. I think you should get a clothing shower when you tell people you're pregnant! We also had to hit up the Gymboree outlet while we were there, too! We got a great deal on a little winter coat for BabyGirl, so that was a huge win-win.

Saturday we needed to get some replenishment prints for the art show Brent's currently in (he sold nine things last weekend!!), and long story short we were there a long time because the files crashed the computer. I got some shopping done at Target and other NashvilleWest places, but by the time we got the prints, had some lunch, went to the gallery to change up his wall, etc it was about 3 before we got home to get started on our weekend housework! Brent got some drywall and other stuff done before we went across the street for our elementary school's annual fundraiser. This year they had a chili supper. And it was GREAT! Last year was spaghetti, and it was also the weekend we built our awesome new backyard fence! We wolfed down our chili, got dressed back up and headed over to the gallery for the Artrageous event.

I've never seen Artrageous before, and it was quite the spectacle. It's a fundraiser for a charity, and for some $$$ people get to take buses and get liquored up all over town while looking at art. Every year has a theme, and this year was the '30s, so people were dressed in mobster attire, flapper dresses, etc. There were tons of limos (I guess for larger donors), party buses, and other buses outside transporting people in and out all night. I'm not sure what Brent's sales were, but it really wasn't a big art buying crowd - they were really more there to drink and drink and drink, and no one wanted to buy anything they'd have to take around with them. But he did talk to several people who liked his stuff, hand out cards, etc. And Nicole and Tom came to the show, so it was nice to see them, too!

We had really wanted to go and take some fall pictures of us this weekend, the leaves are just at their peak and I love fall pics. The plan had been to go to the park yesterday, but the gallery stuff took forever and there just wasn't time, so we decided we'd go today. By next weekend it might be too late, or if there's a ton of rain the trees could be bare. So yeah, it's REALLY cold today. A cold front came through Friday, but the cold air really didn't hit until today. Yesterday's high was prob upper 50's/low 60's, while today's high - in the mid 40's! And really overcast. I DID find the decaf coffee pot at church this am, so that was a huge win! Our class just has regular, but there's this whole massive coffee area with about 6 different types of regular and flavored coffees, as well as juice and milk for the kiddos! Huge score! That's the type of thing I love to find when we end up sitting somewhere different and take a new path to the bathroom where I have to wait in line forever for a stall, just me and the old ladies! (One thing though - most places I go if there's a bathroom line people usher me ahead of them - the old church ladies ooh and aahhh about me but NEVER off to let me skip! =) ).

Anyways, we decided to go ahead and do some pics, just in case next weekend turned out to be too late. They turned out great! It's really hard since our photographer is Brent, so we never know if we're both smiling the same way, etc. I'm going to put them together in a slideshow, but the program I have on the lappy to shrink my files to upload size isn't working, so here's one or two for now. (UPDATED: My files were too big, so I'll have to have Brent help me with the resize program, sorry!)

Have a great week!


At 2:16 AM, Blogger Legs and Wings said...

Never a dull moment for you guys. We have good friends who are expecting their baby within a week. She is so excited yet sooo tired of being pregnant. : ) V. lights up like a Christmas tree when she speaks to this young woman.

Hope it warms up for you. Take care.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Rich said...

Gymboree is great - or it was - been a while since we shopped there. Their stuff really lasted well after 1000 washings!

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