Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Just an hour until Nashville hits the big screen with the national debate! Very exciting! I think companies should've closed down so residents could go and enjoy the day, but oh well! I have a class on Tuesdays at lunch, otherwise I probably would have gone over there to see all the hub-bub and activity. On my way to work this morning I passed two top hotels where I'm pretty sure McCain and some of the other big dogs were staying, based on the suits, security and nice escort cars outside. (Obama didn't arrive until today.) Other than helping navigate a coworker around some of the blocked off roads and find an alternate route, the debate hasn't cramped my style any, and it's very exciting for the city. There are several viewing parties around town, but we're just watching from here. It's kind of a gross, rainy night so we ordered in Chinese delivery and I already have my Bears sweatpants on. Hopefully Tom Brokaw will choose my question that I submitted online, of course there's no telling how many questions were submitted.

In a slight rewind, Brent took me to Eastland Cafe for my birthday. Normally we celebrate at Margots, but this time he surprised me with EC. It was very good! It was a beautiful night, we sat outside at a nice table and enjoyed watching all the people stroll by. We started out with the fried calamari, which was pretty good. We had the most amazing calamari ever in Wisconsin, and this one just wasn't quite as good. Then I had the Idaho trout in sort of a creole with some green beans, corn, a fingerling potatoes on the plate. WOW, it was amazing! Brent ordered the vegetarian dish of eggplant cannelloni, and then we ordered green mac n cheese and 4 cheddar mashed potatoes. So good!!!! Really, our bill wasn't bad at all. Since we had cake at home we didn't get dessert, so we got out of there at a pretty reasonable cost.

Workouts last week weren't the best. Between class, my b-day lunch and having some new furniture delivered Friday I only made it to the gym twice. I do still also walk a mile every afternoon with a coworker, so on gym days I get in about 3.5 miles and on off days I get in a mile. It's at least something. This week I can really, really feel my ligaments stretching and I haven't been my most comfortable. From the massive quantity of kicking going on inside me I can tell someone is REALLY trying to stretch me out, from the inside!

Ok, back to working on our San Diego trip which is (thankfully!) coming up soon. We SO need a vacation. I've been printing bus maps and schedules tonight since we prob won't get a car. Their transit sight is great - type in your starting address and destination and it tells you exactly how to get there!

Have a great night!


At 6:42 PM, Blogger Anne said...

I've been out of the loop lately. Sorry I didn't see your birthday post until now. Happy Birthday, a few days late!

I'm watching the debate as I type. So, did Tom Brokaw (who, by the way, is very tall and very skinny and very, very nice in person) ask your question???

At 7:58 PM, Blogger Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Just catching up here and there...Happy Birthday!

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