Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pink, Pearls and Perspective

Hey everyone! I hope you all had great weekends, they just go by too stinking fast. We scored about 12 hardly worn baby outfits at a yard sale for $15 yesterday AND I finally found a dress for a wedding next weekend so it's been a successful weekend! And a super cute new pink sweater to wear on my b-day!

We've decided to do our nursery in pink and brown, like pretty much the rest of the universe having baby girls, and I think we may have most of the decor picked out. We ventured up into uncharted suburban territory Friday night and ran into a Joann's fabric/craft store to look at fabric. We came out with a sample of chocolate brown fabric with tiny pink embroidered spots that are so light they look pink. It fits in perfectly with our scheme, so we're going to order that and get my mom to sewing. =) Brent picked up some pink samples of paint at the HD last week. We finally picked out one that isn't so Pepto it's nauseating and it also has the nice brown undertone our whole house has. He just bought a quart to see if we could stomach it, so I spent some time this afternoon rolling it onto some of the walls and I think it looks really nice! After I finished painting I went to change back to "regular" clothes and realized I still had my pearl necklace on from this morning, when I paint I do it fancy. =) We're not doing all the walls in pink, and with the curtains, furniture and artwork it shouldn't end up too bubble-gum gorey! I'll have to take some pics for the private blog to compare alongside with the furniture and bedding pics I have up there already.

For some strange reason I decided that I'd like to knit my baby an afghan. I have never knitted a thing in my life and don't even have a clue where to start, but I classify myself as a smart person and I think it's something I can tackle. I picked a little book up at Joann's and 3 different colors of yarn as well as some needles. When I got home I realized I had bought a crochet book and all the stuff for knitting. This project really isn't starting out so well! I watched a few videos on YouTube and don't have a clue how to knit. I went online and requested several videos and books from the library that I can pick up tomorrow, so hopefully I can figure out how to do this..... I think I'm going to back off trying to do a tri-color blanket and just focus on one color for this first one!

I ended up with 3 workouts last week, last week was a tough one since I have a class on Tuesdays and we also had my boss's birthday lunch one day. I'm still happy with 3, though! I am now FULLY in cotton workout gear, no tech stuff fits anymore. It's a sad day! My birthday is coming up on Wednesday of this week, so it might be a light workout week this week, too. I am able to help Brent more with the phases of the current stair remodel, so I'm burning some extra calories at home! I spent this afternoon washing floors and also painting (in a large, well ventilated space!). AND, I got 12 of my 20 required hours for this year of CPE knocked out last week! (As a CPA I have to get 80 hours of professional training every 2 years, but at least 20 each year. Which I can speak from experience that they do audit, stupid auditors. =) ) I may go ahead and do some additional courses this year since next year will likely be a bit of a roller coaster around here. So, it's been a very busy week but so much is getting accomplished around here and things are starting to come together and be a lot less stressful in our household. (Although our washer - which will be 10 in January - acted up this afternoon. As much as I've wanted a super hot new stackable front loader I'd prefer to hold off on yet one more large purchase for at least a year! Between expensive nursery furniture, baby stuff in general, one last piece for our living room, and an impeding used car - we are purchased out!)

And lastly, I'll leave you with a semi-workout related tale of perspective. I've mentioned on here Pippin's been "acting up" lately. He's actually not been in trouble for a couple of weeks, until last Thursday. His primary temptation is my gym bag, for no apparent reason. I didn't take it to work Thursday because I knew I wouldn't be going, and sure enough Thursday afternoon its contents were spread all over the kitchen floor and he'd chewed a pair of (clean) undies up. We put him in timeout for 45 minutes - which he has come to anticipate so I do think it's working. Brent and I were talking about it later to try and figure out why he's so obsessed with my gym bag. I said I wondered if he liked to get into it since I always take it with me in the morning, and perhaps it's his way of saying "please don't go, stay here with me". Brent looked at me and said "I think he likes to get into it because it pretty much always smells like sweaty crotch."

I guess Brent's probably got this one figured out. =)


At 5:52 PM, Blogger Darrell said...

You and knitting? I think you'll takcle that just like everything else you do. Have fun.

I think Brent is right about Pippin! LOL.

At 8:05 PM, Blogger Firefly's Running said...

Try looking for baby clothes in consignment shops. She will go through them quickly. It was a huge help for me when my kids were small.

At 7:35 PM, Blogger Just12Finish said...

Brent's a smart dude.

Or he's got one too many canine genes mixed up in his DNA.

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