Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What's up???

Hey everyone! Is anyone else having a tough time with this time change?? Goodness, I can't stand it being so dark when I leave work! I had my 7 month doc appt Monday, so I left work early. Tuesday I stayed late to work on some of the many things I'm totally slammed on, and I couldn't believe it was pitch black at 5! (I'm not anywhere near a window.) I think it really affects my moods, I basically won't see the sun except for the weekends!

Anyway, Brent and I went and did our civic duty yesterday morning. We got to our precinct at 6:30 and stood outside in the chilly air until they opened at 7. We were about the 15th people in line, so we were outta there by 7:15. Of course my alphabet lady yelled at me for signing my middle name on the line - even though she told me to SIGN THE LINE. Apparently some of my ID methods have my middle name and some don't, and it was a huge issue for her. Whatevs. We didn't even get to take any advantage of all the election day food freebies! I had hoped for a chance to walk down to Starbucks, but I was slammed all day, and then Brent's car battery died on him at work. So, he ended up getting home even later after getting jumped by a coworker, then we had to jump him again after dinner so he could go buy a new battery. I was hoping we could go to Ben & Jerry's for evening free ice cream, but that was no dice too thanks to the battery! BUT, once it was all resolved Brent did stop at Ugly Mugs on his way home and get some lovely decaf. Actually, it was such a slow and sleepy night in the 'hood with everyone watching the elections they didn't even have any decaf made so they did a decaf Cafe Americana for us at the same price. Sweet! (I SO missed my Ugly Mugs fix while we were in California! I've become some sort of coffee purist to their Drews Brews brand that everything we had in Cali was like brown water.)

Hmm.....did I even have a point in posting today? It's been such a busy week at work and with other things going on. Tomorrow I get to spend most of the day out "shopping" with coworkers, checking out our competition and getting some ideas to help our business be more efficient, so that should be fun! It's always nice to spend a day outside the office and we've had a lot of good, fresh new ideas lately. If this crap economy will just turn around I think we'll be in great financial shape as a company. I know we won't get bonuses this year, but hopefully we can blow some budgets out next year.

Brent did great at his art show last weekend. We know he sold at least 5 pieces, and he's the only one who sold anything from the show. So, yay! I've got to go and check what he still has there before this weekend - it's another big Sat night in the art world here with a lot of traffic coming through the gallery. Hopefully we can also take some pics at the park this weekend while the leaves are at their peak. And maybe finish up the work in the nursery so we can start putting together the crib and arranging the room. Only 12 1/2 more weeks to go!

OH, and does anyone have any experience with ClearWire? I'd like a cheaper alternative to Comcast. I'm sick to death of paying $114 a month for internet + basic cable (seriously, we don't have any movie channels or even the digital package. Just BASIC cable). I'm all about eliminating the waste from our budget, and considering we watch maybe 1 hour of TV a day, if that, our cable bill is probably first in line. The review I've read online of ClearWire make them sound horrible, so they don't sound like a good option, but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Have a great night!


At 11:42 PM, Blogger DBH said...

I'm having just as much trouble with the time change - the sun is down by 4:30pm and its generally followed by a thick layer of fog which makes running interesting to say the least :)

At 9:26 AM, Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Just wanted to say HI--love the pics of you racing with your bump! You look fantastic! I have been soooo behind on blogs but hope to catch up this weekend...looking forward to reading more about your adventures in preggo land! :)

Hope you are feeling well! Not much longer exciting!

At 11:00 AM, Blogger Firefly's Running said...

The time change has affected me too. It's so weird seeing the sun at 6 am and not seeing it at 5 pm.

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