Thursday, August 23, 2007

Goats and Swimming

Hey! I can't believe it's almost Friday again! Woo hoo!! So, here's the continuation of LAST weekend!

After the ride we went ahead and used our free admission tix to the fair - it's 40 miles each way from downtown so there was no way we were going to go back some other time. It was only 10:30 am at this point and we were STARVED but none of the food vendors were open yet. Blech. So we walked around for a while looking at the various livestock and I begged Brent - keeper of the money as I had no pockets - for $2 for carrots to feed the animals in the petting zoo. There were some seriously cute baby goats I wanted to buy, but the guy wouldn't sell them. So, I just fed them carrots. Then the camel came and OMG he was pushy. I was trying to give each goat a carrot but the camel kept reaching over and around with that long neck and was basically everywhere at all times. I had no clue camels were so pushy and annoying. Then this weird humpback cow thing came up and even though I thought it was pretty ugly I wanted to be friendly and give it a carrot. It had the grossest, nastiest tongue ever and Brent really captured my reaction on film. (Or SD card, however you want to look at it!) After looking around at the cheesy booths FINALLY some food vendors were open so we got a hot dog, burger, fries and a fried pie and split it all. I had never had a fried pie and I gotta say it wasn't bad. Basically it's like a little pie all wrapped up and dipped in a deep fryer, like everything else in the South. After we ate we walked around a little more and enjoyed the little building with all the vegetables and flowers submitted for "biggest pumpkin" and "prettiest rose". I should totally cut something out of my yard and submit it next year. Right now the only thing I've got is "largest quantity of landmines deposited by Pippin" but considering the vast quantity of items submitted to the fair I gotta believe there is a category for dog poo. Then we came upon the bee/honey section and there was a live honeycomb (in glass) that we were staring at when an older guy saw us and gave Brent a 30 minute lecture on the life of the bee. Then he invited him to come to their monthly meeting and start keeping bees. If only he knew how insanely skittish Brent is around bees and wasps! But he was really friendly and the building was air conditioned so we enjoyed our lecture. More time in the 100+ sun and we were done. By this point we'd been outside in the heat for about 6 hours.

We came home, had showers and a short nap, ran all over town for errands and then met up with some friends for an art show and Mexican food. Yum. I got my 6 mile run in in the heat Sunday and then we spent the rest of the afternoon lounging at the rooftop pool at the Y, swimming laps and grocery shopping.

Swim class this week went awesome again. Coach could tell we'd both been practicing and seemed really happy with our week 1 progress. We did some drills to help us with our breathing which I think have finally sunk in for me. Sometimes I just get totally overwhelmed with putting it all together, but when I stop and think about it all then I get it right, and it feels right. We worked on the three strokes and even started working on flip turns! At this point we're just practicing gliding in and flipping close to the wall without killing ourselves. I think next time we start working on the push off. I can totally see myself knocking myself out and being the "girl who had to be rescued in the 4ft deep lap pool". Yesterday we brought our camera and videoed ourselves swimming so we can each see what we've been told we need to work on. I just look soooo **SLOW**...... Like I'm just out for a lolly-gag swim or something! And I can see how my arms are way too low sometimes and how my head comes way to far up as times, too. But, we're both making progress and I'd say for a week + 2 days of swimming we have both come a LONG, LONG way.

Ok, long enough for tonight!!! Good luck to everyone at IM Louisville this weekend!! I would love to come and watch but I'm just not sure we'll have the time. Next year we need to plan a weekend in Louisville around it. I'd particularly like to see the river swim, I can't imagine a mouth full of river water!


Fri - 400m swim
Sat - 31 mile ride
Sun - 6.1 mile run, 500m swim
Mon - 4.2 run
Tues - 30 min swim class, 200m swim after class
Wed - 2.2 mile run (long story - it took the lady TWENTY MINUTES to complete my receipt for paying for swim classes), 750m swim
Thurs - 30 min bike ride for fun, 40 mins toning


At 7:53 AM, Blogger lainb said...

ha! I'd have a similar expression if that black tongue was coming near my hand. And I totally think you should inquire about a "best" dog poo contest next year. Anything goes at a fair, right?

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Cliff Tam said...

U doing flip turns? Dang girl, u are better than me already :D


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