Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Powerball Countdown

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!!

Not a lot to blog about here tonight. There hasn't been any change in our friend T's battle with cancer. She made it through the night and today they were in the process of moving her to hospice care this afternoon. Yet another day was spent entirely by the female vipers in discussing how precious their friendship was with her, and how they are the only people who should be allowed in to see her. As if. I never understood why T withdrew so much during her cancer treatments until now. She was trying to avoid this circus sideshow/gossip fest that these pathetic people feel the need to conduct because their own lives are so meaningless.

Our camping plans are moving forward. The plans right now are to camp on Friday night and then possibly do a 'strenuous' 10 mile hike on Saturday before heading back. I'm excited!!
Tonight we really didn't have much time to exercise, all of this week's activities have prevented us from making it to the grocery store. So, after we got home from the store we ended up taking Pippin for a walk. It was a beautiful night - the temps are perfect and the full moon is gorgeous. Pippin is pretty excited about the stray dog in the neighborhood. We noticed it last night as we went out running. Then he was still asleep across the street at one of our neighbor's houses when we walked this morning AND when we came home for lunch. He seemed like a sweet dog, so I let him run over to where we standing. He and Pippin ran around and anytime I tried to pet him Pippin would get jealous and jump between us. He was still in our neighbor's driveway this evening when we got home from work so we walked over to see what the deal was. He had followed her and her dog (Abby, Pippin's much larger girlfriend) home from their walk the morning before. He's been hanging in their driveway ever since. Her husband won't let her keep it & Brent's not letting me keep it either. She may have a friend who is going to take him, so hopefully this cute little dog will find a home. He's been fixed, so at some point he was someone's dog but he's pretty skinny now.

Just in case I don't get a chance in time, A Maria will be running her marathon this weekend!! Her posts have been hilarious all throughout her training, so everyone stop by and wish her well! Also, a coworker of ours, Darren, has started blogging so swing by his place sometime and welcome him to this addictive world. He's not a runner (yet) but he (and his wife) are gym rats in the weights section .

Take care and wish us luck in the Powerball drawing tonight! Can you imagine winning all that money??? We're playing 11 numbers tonight. Why not? It's not too often you have a chance (even this remote) to win that much money. I ran some statistical analysis' on the previous winning numbers to see what the best numbers are. Hopefully at least a couple of them will pay off, even if we just got the Powerball number I'd be pretty excited. 4 more minutes!


Wed - 1 mile am walk with Pip, 1 mile pm walk with Pip and Brent, 20 minutes toning/stretching (upper body)


At 6:30 AM, Blogger D said...

Hilarious instant message session between you and Brent! Have you checked the local shelters to see if an owner has been looking for their dog? How about the lost and found section of the newspaper? I'm so glad to hear someone with take the stray!

I have 2 95lb dogs, one 75lb dog, and 1 7lb dog. It's like having 4 additional kids! Did you win Powerball? We didn't else I wouldn't be at work today!

Camping trip sounds fun!!

At 8:49 AM, Blogger lainb said...

you'll have a blast camping!! i'm a "hotel chick" myself, but I do enjoy the occassional camping trip (2 nights max!). It's even better if there's a nice bath/shower house nearby, although I have done the complete "roughing it" experience too. I hope you don't get rained out from Wilma though.


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