Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why Instant Messaging is a Bad Idea

Here's a convo between Brent and I today via instant messaging regarding this big new stray dog in our neighborhood. He showed up last night and has been sleeping in our neighbor's driveway ever since. He's a real sweetie.

rachel: Pips is booked, so we're going somewhere this weekend!
brent: or we're just cuddling on the couch
brent: :-)
rachel: Ha! Maybe we'll take the new dog hiking!
brent: lol
brent: i bet the new dog can run 3 miles
rachel: Ha! I bet he can run 26
brent: so... like we have running shoes and regular shoes. running watches and regular watches... running clothes and regular clothes... why can't we have a running dog and regular dog?
rachel: you said it baby!!
brent: ;-)
rachel: he is very sweet
rachel: and mannerly
rachel: like pippin
brent: no, sweetie. we can't keep him
brent: i know what you're getting at
rachel: but you said we need a running dog
brent: you laughed cause it was a joke
rachel: no i didn't. read back, i never said lol
brent: oh
brent: haha
brent: oops
rachel: i agreed with you
brent: well, it was a joke, just not a funny joke
rachel: that's one queer joke
rachel: don't you just love him?
rachel: (the dog)
brent: oh
brent: lol
brent: he was ok
brent: but he's too big for us
brent: and pippin is jealous
rachel: i think he weighs the same as pippin
rachel: it's just spread out higher
brent: we don't give him enough lovin as is
rachel: pippin can sleep in my lap and the new dog can sleep with you
brent: as much as i like that thought
brent: no
rachel: don't you feel bad for him?
brent: oh, i do.
rachel: he's down on his luck
brent: but he's a dog. he'll be fine
rachel: he may be a refugee who walked all the way from n orleans
rachel: i'm sorry if i care for the homeless
rachel: maybe he was meant for us
rachel: don't you watch lost????
brent: no
brent: i didn't watch lost
rachel: liar
brent: i have no idea what you're talking about
rachel: liar sqaured
rachel: squared
brent: misspeller!
rachel: mean
brent: so now you're not only tired of me... you're tired of pippin
brent: i knew this would happen
brent: i knew even he wouldn't be good enough to keep you satisfied.
rachel: now you're just trying to turn it all around and that's just mean
brent: nop
brent: e
rachel: i hope you're never homeless
brent: i know you won't take care of me
brent: or you will... for a little while
brent: until you get bored
rachel: i'll give you a bowl of water and a cup of food and tell you you'll be ok, you're a person/
brent: and i'll wag my tail and go on
brent: kathy abernathy will take care of me
rachel: ha!
rachel: it's becky. there's no kathy
rachel: we've only lived there 6 years.
brent: haha
rachel: ok. you're obviously not on my side so we'll talk later
rachel: cya
brent: bye


At 6:19 PM, Blogger David said...

ouch. Sounds like that one should have been a live face-2-facer.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Darren said...

Brent, let her keep the dog. you can use it as leverage the next time you want to buy something for your camera.

At 8:53 AM, Blogger lainb said...

too funny!

I'm on Rae's side! ;) Keep him!


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