Monday, August 04, 2008

Work Days Lead to Rest Days!

Hey everyone!! How's it going????

The Pippin update: Tomorrow we've got an afternoon vet appointment. He just won't leave his ripped dew claw alone. I got some gauze Thursday but of course he wasn't a big fan of it and made pretty short order figuring out how to get it off. I'm sure he had the latest round off about 10 minutes after I left for work on Friday! And Saturday morning after he had the bandage off in about 15 minutes I decided it wasn't worth it. It's not bleeding or bothering him, the tear just won't show any signs off repair, and he's CONSTANTLY licking it. If he bumps it on something (aka jumping on people) he squeals, but other than that he's in no pain and not limping. It seems like he'll probably just have to have it removed, which means I'll most likely be taking care of a dog who has to wear the dreaded conehead again so he'll leave the sore alone. Just in time for his 5th birthday this Saturday!!!!

Saturday our parents came up to help us work on our house, woo hoo for free labor! We got a ton of stuff done - the ladies got GOBS of new casing, baseboards, custom frames Brent has built for some art, etc painted. It was about a million degrees outside (upper 90's before you even factor in the humidity) and just plain miserable so they don't owe us a thing for Christmas! The guys did some framing at the top of the new staircase, hung some drywall, planed a few doors, reattached the fireplace mantel in the front room, did some floor work, cut the skirts for the new staircase and even fixed our weedeater! I can't even explain what a huge help everyone was, well worth the big lunch I fixed and the pizza ordered for dinner! They were like parents possessed with the get'r'done bug!

So.....with all that help we decided to have an actual rest day on Sunday!!! That is the day we're supposed to rest, right??? We had a nice leisurely lunch at La Paz after church, took a nap, headed to the pool for a little while, and even did a little tax-free clothes shopping. It was SO nice to just have a day with no projects!

Our self-imposed deadline for getting the stairs done is October 1st (my birthday). It'll be nice to have it all done well before Christmas so we can just enjoy fall and prop our feet up for a while. Brent's been hard at work all night hanging more drywall and doing some wiring while I manage the bills and dishes and keeping our very dry gardens watered. And playing a little ball with Pippin. =)

I had a pretty decent run today at lunch. I swear the gym is about 500 degrees inside, and I know I'm not the only one feeling that. It's getting a little crazy - I don't know if the insane heat outside makes it hard to cool inside, or if this is somehow related to the construction or what. I think I may have to start taking a water bottle with me to stay a little cooler!

Ok, that's all for now! Thank goodness tonight is the Nashville Star finale, these people suck and I am ready for it to be over!!!! Maybe next year it'll be somewhere else because I've heard much better people singing outside on 2nd than these people. Ugh.


At 10:10 PM, Blogger Jack said...

I am wondering if Pippin licking his foot is instinctive, perhaps this is nature's way of healing - by keeping the wound clean...

Wow, you guys are ambitious working in the heat, someday you will be finished!

At 2:52 AM, Blogger Legs and Wings said...

Hey, you wouldn't want too many rest days in a row you might get soft. Hah.

Good to see you're busy.

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Just12Finish said...

You guys got a ton of stuff done! Amazing!

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