Saturday, May 31, 2008

Judas Rocks

Hey everyone! Not too much to report around here about last week. They FINALLY got the A/C fixed at work on Friday, thank goodness! It was so hot Thurs afternoon that someone turned the lights off and yelled that if anyone had a problem with it they could get up and turn them back on. I rather like it, but it did contribute to that general sleepiness I already had from the heat.

Other than that it's been a plain old week of work, working out, and working around the house. The current project here is building the closet for the front den that we're in the process of converting to a bedroom. Brent got it pretty much framed up today, which is super exciting. And all the lumber that's been in our front room is now gone, yeah!! Our new roof should be sometime this upcoming week, although we don't have a date so it's likely it could be shoved. And we've picked a contractor for removing the old spiral staircase and building a kick-a new winding staircase in its place. He's coming over Tuesday to walk through his plans, and it sounds like he's at a great place in-between jobs to get started soon, so maybe in a couple of months we'll be through all the major interior stuff!! Our landscaping plans for the back will take a while, but we know what we want and that's half the battle. Last night I had the most terrible dream. I had a nightmare that we sold our house and moved somewhere in Georgia, to a town we've never heard of. As we were moving in I was going through the house saying "we're going to have to pull up this carpet and put down hardwoods" and in the kitchen "this layout is terrible, we're going to have to get rid of this linoleum, rearrange everything, and get brand new appliances." Then when I got to the backyard I had a meltdown. It was a chainlink fence, not terribly secure, and I said "We have to pull this down and build a new fence". For some reason we also had two dogs, a little Jack Russell and Pippin. At this point I had a meltdown and laid down on the ground and started crying that there was just no way I could go through remodeling a kitchen or building a fence again. And then I started begging Brent to see if we could go back and get our old house back. Some people have nightmares about, I have nightmares about being back at the beginning of a major remodel.

Last night we went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at TPAC as part of the Broadway Series in Nashville. As part of our "we need to see things that come here more" initiative I bought us nice seats for this, and cheap seats for Rent that came a few months ago. All in all, it just wasn't our favorite. The guy that played Judas was awesome (he's the lead singer of Living Colour - aka the group that sings Cult of Personality), but Jesus. Well, Jesus was not so great. (That's weird to type.) He's apparently quite famous for playing this role....but his voice was one of those "let loose and roll" things and it just made us both cringe. We may be alone in it, from the applause he got and how the lady next to me was BAWLING crying. But I am glad we saw it and it was a fun night. There are some great shows coming in the upcoming season, so I'm really looking forward to next year's season as well (Avenue Q is coming!). Also, Wicked is coming in the Fall of 09 so that's super exciting.

Tomorrow we're going over to a friend's house for some dinner and to hang out, so we that'll be fun. We haven't seen them in a couple of months, even though she and I chat via email at work pretty often. Ok, Brent's all showered up so it's time to head out for some errands and dinner!


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Firefly's Running said...

Nightmares suck! What did you eat before you go to bed?

At 5:30 PM, Blogger Cliff said...

hey Rae,

Jesus is great all the time :p.hahaha...

as for the bike comment. Oh yeah...there are so many times i almost get run over. Not too funny! :)

and yes..i will be careful on the road.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Jack said...

I suppose as long as you have nightmares involving renovations, rather than the renovation turning into one, you'll be okay ;-)

Nice staircase, it would fit in out hourse too.


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