Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Getting Hot in Here....

Hey everyone! I hope you all had great Mem Day weekends. We had a nice one, with a good mix of work and fun. We had some friends over Friday night to play some Wii and eat some fajitas. I loooove anything spicy and I just love that recipe. Give it a good couple of hours to marinade and you're good to go. Naturally I got my booty beaten in Mario Kart by people who have never even played it before.

Saturday we worked in the yard and actually washed and vacuumed out our cars! We truly are not car people, the way cars get beaten and banged up I don't see the point in having something nice or fancy. So, we're really not that big into washing them constantly, but WOW! they look nice right now!

Sunday was more of the same and we had T & N over for dinner. I made some spinach enchiladas and horrible refried beans. Maybe I'm just an idiot, maybe it's a bad recipe, but next time I will open a can! On the enchiladas, I'd grate the cheese instead of cubing next time, and use more jack instead of Parmeson on top and prob use flour tortillas since I prefer them to corn.

Our plan Monday was to get some things done (Brent's working on the closet for the den we've converted to a bedroom) and hit the pool in the afternoon. So it started pouring around noon and continued the rest of the day!! That killed all the plans since we can't use the sander, cutters, paint, etc outside. So we watched TV, napped and relaxed. I can't complain about that...

Then it's been back to work where the freaking AC is broken!! UGH! It's impossible to think and by the end of the day we are all so wilted. It's nuts. And it's prob going to be like that tomorrow, too! After some rain today it was actually cooler outside than inside.

And Brent surprised me with a Wii Fit! He had to go through a bit to get it, but finally found me one! I can't see it being a fitness revolution that's going to reverse obese America, but it is fun and some of the games do make you break an ever so slight sweat. It even has running! We haven't totally gotten it all figured out yet, but it's crazy how it can detect your movements.

On the down side, we got a call Monday that our next door neighbor had a stroke down in Miami (he was visiting friends for a week). He's been up and down, but right now he's back in ICU (he keeps having strokes/seizures) and they can't get his blood pressure regulated. He has no insurance, or money, so we're really worried about the level of care he'll get when (if) he's able to be moved back to Nashville. He's the best neighbor ever, and we just hate this. He's still very touch and go right now, and it seems like he's going to have some paralysis. He's only 52, but his health is just so poor. He had a heart attack a few years ago, and he's always having some sort of medical problem he can't get taken care of because of his lack of insurance. It's just so upsetting, and Pippin is really missing his buddy. (They look at each other through the window of "Pippin's" room. M will wave at him, and the last time I talked to M I was looking for Pippin - I was working in the yard and couldn't see him, M was sitting outside on his porch and Pippin had gone to that side of our yard to sit and stare at him from our side.) Anyway, we're hoping for good news tomorrow, today was slightly promising.

Ok, it's time for my turn to get WiiFit. I think one day it's going to tell me it's surprising I can even walk without running into things (which.....I do trip a lot.)


At 5:50 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Thought of you guys last night while running through E. Nash. :)

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Firefly's Running said...

Your hubby totally ROCKS!


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