Wednesday, April 04, 2007

May 2nd!

May 2nd! That's the day our new kitchen cabinets will be here! YAY! So, if you're taking notes that gives us less than 4 weeks to tear a wall out, rip out the cabinets, have plumbing, electrical and gas moved and lay new tile. Oh crap. MAY 2nd!! WHEW! So, the goal for this weekend is tear down the wall. We started tonight and got a decent way in on one portion. It's actually a great stress reliever to take a hammer and whack a wall away. A dusty, messy stress reliever. So far, so good. Hopefully we can make lots of progress on it early in the weekend and have some time for fun stuff!

I did 30 mins of abs Monday and still feel a bit sore. Yeah! I ran 7 miles post marathon last week and 4 more last night. I was a little sore Mon & Tues last week but by Wed I was doing fine. Tonight's only workout was cracking away at the wall, so at least that's 2 hours of some sort of toning and strength training.

Hopefully I can write my race report this weekend & post some of Brent's great pics from the race. Take care!



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