Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Brent Mile Challenge x 29

Hey guys!! To say this has been the fastest weekend EVER would be such an understatement! We've done so much it's probably going to take about 500 posts to summarize Brent's birthday weekend. I think we've been home a total of 1 hour this weekend, if that even!

But before I get into all the boring details of how we've basically been eggs frying on the sidewalk all weekend let's have a rundown of the Brent Birthday Mile Challenge 2006!!

I can't believe so many of you participated! I love doing stuff like this (which we first did back at Thanksgiving with the BRPTT) because so many of the people who silently read drop in and let you know who they are. I usually get about 125 hits a day, but I probably only know who about 30-40 of you are. So who are the rest of you???

Our day started early. Well, just as early as usual - 5:30 am. Which is really 5:24 because I've set my clock fast because I think getting up before 5:30 sounds so much earlier. Brent got up too so he could officially kick off his challenge with a 2.9 mile run. He thought if you guys could donate a mile the least he could do was donate 2.9. The plan was for him to run (jog) with Pippin and I for our mile and then he'd continue on for the remaining 1.9 miles. Pippin and I have been walk/jogging all week since his 5K last weekend. We've usually been walking about .55 and running .45 of our mile each morning, so he gets a good mix of slow walking for optimal neighborhood territory marking and then some jogging for fitness and to give me an extra minute or two every morning! It's been working great and he's really been getting into the jogging. Friday morning he did not want to jog a whole mile. About 1/2 mile into it he sat down in the middle of the street and refused to budge. We sent Brent on his way and I finally figured out Pips wanted to jog on the OTHER side of the street so we slowly finished the remainder of our mile. So:

Mile 1 - 2.9 was completed by Brent in 25:40 (he also documented his birthday all day on his blog via cameraphone if you'd like to see it!)

Mile 2.9 - 4.9 completed by me and Pips (1 mile each) in 11:47 each

Mile 4.9 - 6.9 was contributed by Jay T up in the Philly, PA area. 7.56 & 6.46 were his speedy mile times! (I think I'd go head over heels if I ever managed a sub 7 mile!!)

Mile 7.9 was completed by Elizabeth around Cleveland, Ohio on the terrible treadmill in 7:50. With this screwed up weather I think a lot of us have had to visit the terrible hamster wheel a few too many times lately.

Mile 8.9 was completed by Julie out in California in 8:38. She's going to be running Grandma's Marathon soon!

Mile 9.9 was run by Angie out in sunny & always warm Tuscon, Arizona in 10:59. I swear I'm going to winter with them this year!! She's also getting ready for her next ultra so make sure you send her lots of love too!

Mile 10.9 was also run in beautiful California by Darrell in 7:51. Maybe for his b-day next year we can do a running tour in CA with all the lucky CA bloggers!! Darrell's also got a marathon coming up soon in July (Seafair (near Seattle))

Mile 10.9 - 12.9 was completed by Kiki and her husband in the Detroit area (another place I'm dying to get up to to meet some RBF-ers!) 12:50 for Kiki and 14 mins for her hubby on the treadmill. She has just started racing this year and I think she's hooked! (As if we don't all understand and remember that feeling!)

Mile 13.9 was run by Rob (the ultrarunner) in the beautiful Pac Northwest (in WA). He threw in a mile of speedwork in 6:29. Wow!! He's running the Capital City Marathon today!!!!

Mile 14.9 was run by Mouse on (I'm sure) the West-side of Detroit in 8:13. She also threw in a birthday song which is always greatly appreciated. And if she wants to throw in her new running skirt as well we wouldn't refuse.

Mile 15.9 was finished in 6:00 by Richard as part of his speedwork training. He's also a Michigan runner. (Maybe you guys can start a club or something???)

Mile 16.9 was run by fellow Tennessean Planet3rry, he holds down the East side (Knoxville). He's still watchless but it was about an 8:33 pace. If you listen to Steve Runner's podcast this is the same Terry who is helping to organize the worldwide half marathon this fall.

Mile 16.9 - 18.9 was tackled by Marathong Mom and Triathamom, also fellow Tennesseans. They represent the South-East side, or Chattanooga. They did their mile as part of bootcamp and even had a celebratory breakfast afterwards. I'm not sure what their pace was, but I KNOW they were having fun. I'll just say 10:00 mins each.

Mile 19.9 was finished by recent CMM marathoner and ANOTHER Tennessean Michele. Tennesee is TAKING OVER the blogging world!! You better watch out for us, we are rednecks and we will knock you down. She's not terribly far from here, she's helping to represent the South-side of Middle Tennesee. She knocked out her mile in 8:30.

Mile 20.9 was completed by Jack, the German running machine, in 8:15. He is doing his very FIRST ultra this week, so give him lots of LOVE!!

Mile 21.9 was completed by Jersey Shore Turtle, and OMG he went ABOVE AND BEYOND. He was the very first RBFer we ever met in real life, and you couldn't ask for a nicer person, seriously. He made his very own Brent Mile bib (that's where I took the title for this post from, and the name for this challenge). How cool is that???? I love it. AND he ran it in 6:19. He just decided to sign up for the Philly Marathon for his first marathon this fall. Make sure you stop by and wish him luck and check out the pics he took for his Brent mile!!!!

Mile 22.9 was run by Running Jayhawk up in awesome Chicago! She finished in 11:45. She's going to be running the Chicago marathon this fall. She's also one of my fave bloggers because a) she has an adorable dog and b) she is so funny. Seriously.

Miles 22.9 - 24.9 were run by Canadian Robb in beautiful Novia Scotia. He was a rocketship with a 6:20 pace. He's training really hard to break 20 mins in a 5K soon and I know he's going to do it. If you've never read his blog you really should! He's so funny and posts a lot of pics of beautiful Canada and his adorable family.

Mile 25.9 was finished by fellow Nashvillian and CMM half runner Olivia in 9:55. We haven't heard much from her since CMM, but hopefully work will slow down for her soon.

Mile 26.9 was finished by another fellow Tennessean, Lana. We're now in the ultramarathon land, which is pretty appropriate because she just finished her first marathon at CMM a few weeks ago. She ran a 8:59 mile for Brent. She also holds down the South side of Middle TN and is training hard for an upcoming tri.

Mile 27.9 was run by Hilda, down in the Dominican Republic. A real gift would have been if we had been there to run it on the beautiful beach with her!!! She ran it as part of her long run, I'm not sure of the exact time so I'll say 10:00. She's having trouble with spurs, so if you have experience in that please go visit her! (And if you actually VISIT her please take me with you!!)

Mile 28.9 was run by another fellow Nashvillian, David. (Seriously guys, watch out, TN is going to take down all of you NYC bloggers!!!! =) ). He also just completed the CMM (and ran in a local 5K this weekend) and donated a 9:17 mile to the cause, taking us right up to our 29th mile!

Mile 29.9 was finished by fellow Miami Marathoner David. He ran a nice Florida mile for Brent (hopefully he was NOT being chased by alligators) in 8:53. He just signed up for the Marine Core Marathon!! YEAH!!!

Mile 30.9 was run on the trails of CT by Susie, who won't be part of the CT RBF for too much longer. Their weather wasn't the best, but she still knocked out an avg 10:40 race pace overall.

Mile 31.9 was also run as part of the same CT trail race by everyone's favorite Running Chick with the orange hat. She blazed through the race with an avg 7:53 pace. It sounds like it was a really fun race and a great RBF meetup!

Mile 32.9 was contributed by Jeanne at 10:23. She's up in the DC area and she also just signed up for the Marine Core Marathon!!

And contributing our final miles 32.9 - 36.9 is another Tennessean, Liz. She pushed her TRIPLETS a mile in 14:34. So that's 4 people at a mile each (even though the girls had it easy I don't see how mom could do it all!! I can barely push myself!!) Liz has the North side of Nashville covered for the RBF.

So, that's a total of 36.9 miles you guys!! That is awesome! Way above and beyond the 29 birthday miles, but the more running the better! I think we had pretty much every area of the country covered and even a couple of international miles. Let me know if I left you out or got something wrong, this took forever to type up! Does anyone know where I can find a good ultramarathon site to add up each mile for a total time? All of the pace band calculators I use stop at 26.2 miles!

That's it for now! We've got a full day planned! Wish us luck house hunting!!!!


At 10:12 AM, Blogger mouse said...

this was so great to read! glad you guys are having such a great weekend, and good luck with the house hunting!

(and I crack up whenever I think of that song... dododododododododo)

At 10:19 AM, Blogger lainb said...

I do the same thing with my alarm clock! I have it set about 12 minutes fast and even though I KNOW it's still tricks me into getting up earlier (well, most of the time anyway).

Great job everyone on the Brent Birthday mileage!!

At 12:37 PM, Blogger Cliff said...

Nuts..i am sorry i completely forgot :(....but glad everyone else did it :)

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Lana said...

That was so cool!!! Glad Brent is having a great birthday!

At 2:51 PM, Blogger BuckeyeRunner said...

How cool! Glad your weekend is going well. Hope the househunting is fruitful!

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me luck today!

At 4:48 PM, Blogger Hilda said...

It was like having a writen marathon, Rae! You are such a nice writer, you made a great report!! It was like an blogger-relay!!

At 5:13 PM, Blogger Darrell said...

What an awesome post. You're the best, Rae. Happy house hunting.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger jeanne said...

That was a terrific roundup! Thanks for writing it all up and linking to some new people (new for i have more people to read, gee thanks..)..does this mean brent is really 36 years old? :)

At 7:13 AM, Blogger KT said...

How fun! I am definitely in for the next one!

At 7:34 AM, Blogger robtherunner said...

This is like Brent's first ultra.

At 7:50 AM, Blogger Running Jayhawk said...


I love reading your blog.

And I agree with Rob. It is definitely Brent's first Ultra!!

At 11:11 AM, Blogger E-Speed said...

So fun! Hope you get to see some fun houses!

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous angie's pink fuzzy said...

good luck house hunting!

what a fun way to participate in someone's birthday :)

Brent - you are an ultrarunner! ;)

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Anne said...

What a fun idea, Rae. Too bad I was so behind on my blog reading and missed the opportunity to join in. Next time...

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Just12Finish said...

Argh! I missed it. I was Mr Mom this past weekend starting Friday AM and was behind on my blog reading before then anyway. Sign me up for the next one ... and regards to the b-day boy (and I do mean "boy" - still in the 20's - just a pup!!)


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