Friday, October 05, 2007

A Little Off

So, how many of you tripped and made an absolute klutz of yourself today??? For some reason I think every woman in Nashville did today. For me personally, on my way out of the gym I first attacked the paper towel holder with my shoulder hard enough to make someone ask me if I was ok, and I am, except for the bruise I can feel forming. I managed to top that off by tripping down the back stairs of the Y as my ankle went one way and my foot went the other and really only managed to stay upright because the parking lot attendant grabbed me by my bruised paper towel shoulder. The rest of the afternoon I just tried to keep my legs and feet coordinated. I blame the Sudafed-Aleve cocktail I'm on.

Tonight we saw one woman nearly take out the aisle of curtain rods at Joanns, another absolutely bang her cart SMACK into the glass door that doesn't open at Joanns (so hard that we actually winced for her), and then another woman almost take out half the produce with her buggy at Publix. At least I'm not alone in the klutz hall of fame today. Thank goodness I have a short commute.

So, our kitchen is full of lots of fresh produce and vegetables, the fridge stocked with cheeses and fine meats and my counter has loads of fresh baked breads on it. All that stands between us and our dinner party tomorrow night is a day full of cleaning this place up! It should be fun, we have a small group of our eclectic friends coming over. No couple has met any of the other couples (one set is a neighbor, one set a former coworker, and one set is from our artist circle) so it should be a fun exercise in meeting new people.

Alrighty, that's it for now!!



At 10:05 PM, Anonymous cory said...

I'm not a woman and not in Nashville, but a few days ago, I dropped a container of warm butter on my kitchen floor. I cleaned it all up, thinking I got it all. But later that night, I lost my footing, and with no opportunity to brace, I slammed the right side of my jaw full force against the edge of my dishwasher. I lay on the floor for a minute or so, fearing I had broken my jaw (I have never broken a bone, so am not aware what that feels like).

Turns out I just have a nasty bruise, and I seem to notice some scabbing of that bruise, but it's hard to tell beneath my beard.

Hope your coordinationis better today. :)


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