Friday, July 20, 2007

It's 2 am and I'd like to go to sleep. We got back from a fun evening of working on the film project and then the Harry Potter release. At 12:45 we went to pull into the garage - and nothing. But the outdoor light was on, so it seemed like we had power. (Cuz, you know, we had some massive electrical issues not too long ago.) So we pull around front to go in the old fashioned way. The house was super dark, which is odd because I was pretty sure I left the light on for Pippin and also the front light. Strange. We walk up to the door and once Pippin hears us he's crying, so that's a little weird, too. We walk in and it's just pitch black. None of the lights will come on. Sigh. But then the den light works, and the TiVo light is on, and the ovens are on. Strange. We find a flashlight and none of the breakers have flipped, even though half the house is off. Random things work, there's no pattern. Sweet. And our home warranty ended two days ago, because we've now been here a year. Nice. Even better - there's no AC and no power to the garage - where our 2nd fridge is. We replaced a breaker, and that didn't fix anything, and the ones that don't work are scattered throughout the box. We ran an extension cord to the extra fridge, and manually got the garage door up to get the Jeep in. Then I started Googling this problem. How did life work before the internet?? Instantly I find all sorts of people with this same problem. And it seems it's a problem with the electrical company, and that only half the power is coming in from the street, and most people got new wires from the electric provider to correct the issue. So, we tested the main wires coming in and - yup - one is dead. Good luck getting anyone on the phone at the electrical company because it's 2 am. But it seems like they open up at 7 tomorrow. It should be an interesting Saturday. My early am 7 miler is looking pretty unlikely now. And Brent's wandered off with our copy of Harry Potter and is currently reading it by night light in the bathroom, since only one of our overhead lights works.

It should be a fantastic weekend. A small apartment somewhere is looking better and better every day. So is a #$%$@%@#$% vacation.


At 7:11 AM, Blogger Theoutofshapeguy said...

Yay for being there for an entire year! Boo for the warranty ending and the lights not working.

You kids can crash on our pull out couch! And phog and pippin can rekindle there love affair.

At 6:04 PM, Blogger Just12Finish said...

I'm very impressed with your diagnostic skills! Wish I had some people at work who are as resourceful as you two!


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